55+ Contoh Soal PG Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 SMA/MA dan Kunci Jawaban

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55+ Contoh Soal PG Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 SMA/MA dan Kunci Jawaban – Pada kesempatan kali ini admin akan memberikan contoh soal mengenai bahasa inggris, contoh soal ini tentunya sudah dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban.  Soal ini bisa dijadikan sebagai sumber referensi kamu sebelum melaksanakan ujian. Soal bahasa inggris ini untuk kamu yang masih duduk dibangku kelas 11. Bahasa inggris adalah bahasa yang digunakan sebagai media komunikasi resmi dari berbagai negara-negara persemakmuran dan dipahami serta dipergunakan secara meluas.

Bahasa inggris dipergunakan lebih banyak oleh negara dipenjuru dunia dibanding bahasa yang lain, bahasa ini juga lebih banyak dipergunakan orang. Sehingga dengan belajar bahasa inggris kamu akan mudah berkomunikasi dengan berbagai orang yang berasal dari negara lain. Bahasa inggris menjadi salah satu mata pelajaran yang penting yang harus kamu kuasai. Salah satu cara agar kamu bisa belajar bahasa inggris dengan mudah, maka kamu harus banyak melakukan latihan-latihan soal bahasa inggris. Berikut 55+ Contoh Soal PG Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 SMA/MA dan Kunci Jawaban.

55+ Contoh Soal PG Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 SMA MA dan Kunci Jawaban

55+ Contoh Soal PG Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 SMA/MA dan Kunci Jawaban

A. Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, d, or e!
The following dialogue is for number 1-5

Sifa: “What do you think about Lampung?”
Lisa: “In my opinion, Lampung is the beautiful city. There are so many beautiful beaches there. Lampung is also famous with its tapis or songket. It is traditional cloth in Lampung.”
Sifa: “How about its food? Do you think it is delicious?”
Lisa: “I think…. Yes! Do you know seruit? It’s delicious.”
Sifa: “Yes I know seruit. By the way…. Which one is more delicious? Seruit or sate of mushroom?”
Lisa: “According to me, seruit is more delicious than sate of mushroom.”
Sifa: “I don’t think so. I think saste of mushroom is more delicious than seruit because sate of mushroom is my favorite food.”
Lisa: “So we have different favorite foods then.”
Sifa: “I think so.”

1. What is the name of the region discussed between Sifa and Lisa?
a. Lampung
b. Semarang
c. Jakarta
d. Surabaya
e. Denpasar
Jawaban: a

2. What does Lisa think about Lampung?
a. It is a beautiful city.
b. It is the ugly city.
c. It is a city full of crime.
d. It is a bad city.
e. It is a small city.
Jawaban: a

3. What kind of food liked by Lisa according to the dialogue above?
a. Seruit.
b. Mushroom satay.
c. Soup.
d. Pizza.
e. Burger.
Jawaban: b

4. What is Songket?
a. Traditional dance from Lampung.
b. Traditional clothes from Lampung.
c. Traditional food from Lampung.
d. Traditional average from Lampung.
e. Traditional ritual from Lampung.
Jawaban: b

5. “In my opinion, Lampung is the beautiful city.”
The sentence above is included into the expression of ….
a. asking opinion
b. giving opinion
c. agreement
d. disagreement
e. neutral position
Jawaban: b

6. (1) Ayu: “What about telling about the human body?”
(2) Andi: “What should we present for the oral test next week?”
(3) Ayu: “Good idea.”
(4) Andi: “Not a bad idea, but talking about animals is very ordinary. Many of our classmates have told about animals.”
(5) Ayu: “How about something about animal species?”

Arrange the jumble sentence above into a good dialogue!
a. (1)-(3)-(2)-(4)-(5)
b. (1)-(3)-(2)-(5)-(4)
c. (2)-(3)-(4)-(1)-(5)
d. (2)-(5)-(1)-(4)-(3)
e. (2)-(5)-(4)-(1)-(3)
Jawaban: e

The following dialogues is for number 7 to 9.

Rafa: “I have a serious problem today. I have just lost my driver license.”
Sifa: “Don’t be so sad, my friend, let us search it around the park.”
Rafa: “I have looked for it for hours, but I could not find it. Do you have any suggestion?”
Sifa: “You should tell the security to announce it to other students.”
Rafa: “Yeah, that sounds good. I do hope it helps”

7. Which sentence that shows asking suggestion?
a. Don’t be so sad, my friend.
b. I have just lost my driver license.
c. You should tell the security.
d. Do you have any suggestion?
e. That sounds good.
Jawaban: c

8. Below are sentence of asking suggestion, except….
a. Can you tell me what I should do?
b. Do you have any suggestion for me?
c. What would you do?
d. Would you mind giving me your suggestion?
e. What should I do?
Jawaban: c

9. What is Rafa’s problem?
a. He lost a wallet.
b. He lost a bag.
c. He lost a car.
d. He lost his driver license.
e. He lost a pencil.
Jawaban: d

The following text is for number 10 and 11.

Mother: “Ali, where are you? Wake up, my dear. It’s Monday morning.”
Ali: “I’m here, mom, in my bed room.”
Mother: “Oh…. there you are. Don’t you go to school?”
Ali: “Mom. I have got a headache.”
Mother: “Let me check. You have got a high temperature. You should stay at home.”
Ali: “Okay, mom.”

10. Wich sentence shows the giving suggestion?
a. I have got a headache.
b. You should stay at home.
c. Don’t you go to school?
d. Let me check.
e. It’s Monday morning.
Jawaban: b

11. Has Ali got a headache?
a. Yes, he has.
b. Yes, it is.
c. No, he has not.
d. No, it is not.
e. Yes, he does.
Jawaban: a

12. Bela: “Steve, what seems to be the problem?”
James: “Well, I have a bad cold and the doctor gave me some medicine.”
Bela: “Listen! Forget about the medicines. Try this herbal one.”
James: “Oh, no, thanks.”
What does Bela offer?
a. Herbal medicine.
b. Some medicine.
c. Fresh herbal.
d. Cool drink.
e. The doctor.
Jawaban: a

13. Cinta: “Why don’t you take the bus to work? The driving is rushing out and the traffic is terrible.”
Johan: “I would, but I’m afraid that there won’t be any seats left for the time the bus comes to my stop.”
Why does Johan not want to go by bus?
a. Johan takes the bus to work.
b. Johan wants Cinta to go with him.
c. Cinta prefers driving in the rush hour.
d. Cinta wants to ride to work with Johan.
e. Johan has to stand on the bus if he takes it to work.
Jawaban: e

14. Teacher: “What’s the matter with you?”
Student: “I am sorry, ma’am, I didn’t
Teacher: “I’m sure you didn’t study last night. What did you do?”
Student: “….”
How might the student respond to the teacher’s question?
a. The movie was interesting.
b. I wasn’t busy last night.
c. I studied too late last night.
d. I watched an interesting movie until late last night.
e. The movie was easy to understand.
Jawaban: d

15. Andi: “We went to Bandung yesterday. We spent our time shopping.”
Cika: “So, what do you think about Bandung?”
Andi: “….”
What is Andi’s best responses?
a. I think it is beautiful.
b. I think Bandung Is a beautiful capital.
c. I think it is beautiful view.
d. I think it is not interesting.
e. I think it is not bad.
Jawaban: b

The following text is for number 16 to 20.

Why Should Wearing a Helmet when Motorcycling?

We often hear lots of stories from road regarding people taking spill on motorcycle when they are riding without using helmet. Mostly the riders badly end up in mess. Wearing a fitted protective helmet offers many benefits which reduces the negative aspect of ridding. First and the most important is that wearing the correct helmet can save a rider’s life, physical ability, family pain, and money. The recommended designs of motorcycle helmets can provide total protection. They not only protect riders from getting a worse road injured accident but also from flying bugs, such as rain, sleet, mud and other potential projectiles.
Second, wearing a helmet can gives the riders a matter of style. Helmet can give the opportunity for rider to express the image they may want to project when riding on they way. This benefit may not be important to some people, but others, it means a lot and important. By choosing the most appropriate helmet from all of the various styles, such as beanie, shorty, German, and many others, wearing a helmet which can projecting an image is an inherent crucial part of motorcycling and help riders feel more confident when riding on the road.

However, what most important is wearing helmet when riding is a matter of using it properly. Bikers should use the helmets on which are fixed to their head. It is really not good if they places simply the helmets on the head without settling them properly. The bikers should fasten the helmet correctly to their head in order to get safe and comfort.

16. What is the main function of helmet?
a. Protection.
b. Support system.
c. Stylistic aspect.
d. Efficiency.
e. Effective.
Jawaban: a

17. Below is not the risk of motorcycle rider besides road accident ….
a. flying bugs
b. rain
c. sleet
d. mud
e. sleepy truck driver
Jawaban: e

18. “Helmets give the opportunity for rider to express the image they may want to project when riding on they way”
The aspect which can be the helmet’s function is …. Aspect
a. Protection
b. Support system
c. Stylistic aspect
d. efficiency
e. effective
Jawaban: c

19. “By choosing the most appropriate helmet from all of the various styles, such as beanie, shorty, German, and many others.”
The antonym of the underline word above is….
a. single
b. several
c. multi
d. serve
e. a lot of
Jawaban: a

20. The next above shows the expression of….
a. giving a suggestion
b. giving an offer
c. giving the invitation
d. giving the letter
e. surprise expression
Jawaban: a

The following text is for number 21 to 25

To: All teachers
Would you please come to watch our students’ performance for Angklung festival on June 21st 2016 in Hall of Surya Dharma School at 08.00 a.m. until the end of the event.

Surya Permana

21. Who is the recipient of the text above?
a. Teachers.
b. Students.
c. Students and teachers.
d. Math teacher.
e. Headmaster.
Jawaban: a

22. When will the festival be held?
a. June 21st
b. June 22nd
c. June 23rd
d. June 24th
e. June 25th
Jawaban: a

23. Where will the festival be held?
a. The hall.
b. The yard.
c. The football court.
d. The tennis court.
e. The street.
Jawaban: a

24. When will the festival be begun?
a. 08.00.
b. 09.00.
c. 10.00.
d. 11.00.
e. 12.00.
Jawaban: a

25. What kind of the text is it?
a. Invitation
b. Report
c. Advertisement
d. Personal letter
e. Public letter
Jawaban: a

26. Ratna: “I’m hungry. How about you?”
Citra: “Me, too.”
Ratna: “….?”
Citra: “Sure.”
a. Shall we go to the library
b. Shall we go to the mosque
c. Shall we go to the canteen
d. Shall we go to the mosque
e. Shall we go to the bank
Jawaban: c

27. Harry: “Would you like to go camping with us next?”
Donny: “….,  but I have to take care my mom. She has been hospitalized for week.”
a. it’s sound interesting.
b. Thank you.
c. I don’t care about it.
d. I am sorry to hear that.
e. Don’t mention it.
Jawaban: a

The following letter for number 28 to 30.

28. When will the event be held?
a. March 6th.
b. March 7th.
c. March 8th.
d. March 9th.
e. March 10th.
Jawaban: c

29. What kind of letter is it?
a. Invitation letter.
b. Request letter.
c. Shipment letter.
d. Offering letter.
e. Complaint letter.
Jawaban: a

30. Who is the recipient of the text above?
a. Parents.
b. Four years old kide.
c. Everybody.
d. Elder people.
e. Head of state.
Jawaban: a

31. Vita: “…. to Jakarta to find the job?”
Dewi: “it’s nice of you to ask.”
a. Do you mind my migrating
b. Would you like to go
c. Would you go
d. Do you think I could
e. Do you have
Jawaban: c

32. Jane: “Would you like to go a concert on Saturday night?”
Tia: “Ehm, yes ….”
a. Anyway.
b. I’d like.
c. I’m busy.
d. I can’t.
e. I’d be delighted.
Jawaban: e

33. Hendra: “We are going to have a research for many days. Will you join us?”
Farhan: “….”
a. I am convinced
b. There is no doubt
c. I’m certain
d. I don’t know about it
e. I can’t say that for sure
Jawaban: c

34. Budi: “it’s boring. We’ve got to do something.”
Dina: “What about watching film?”
Budi: “Wow, cool! ….”
a. it’s a pity.
b. Let’s watch it.
c. You are wrong.
d. I am deeply sorry to hear that.
e. Oh, congratulation.
Jawaban: c

The following text is for number 35

Dear John Smith,
Retirement Party for Mr. Alexander Dowie

This is to inform you that Dr. Alex Dowie, our director of the IT Department is retiring on January 23rd, 2003. Dr. Dowie joined our company 20 years back when the company was in its initial years and was trying to make its place among the top ranked companies in the Mortgage Industry. Ever since then, he has positively contributed towards the success of this company. We were never short of his advice when was most needed and his leadership and faith in his fellow colleagues has always been exemplary.

In order to say formal ‘Good Bye’ and to wish him luck for a relaxed retired life, a farewell dinner is organized by the company at Ramdas Hotel, 45 Johnson st, Kingston, Ontario on January 23rd, 2003.  You and your spouse are all invited to grace this occasion and express your best wishes to Dr. Dowie in person. Kindly RSVP by responding to this email with the name of your guest by January 15th.

Susan Miller,
Director Human Resource

35. What position is held by Susan?
a. Director of production.
b. Director of Marketing.
c. Director of Human Resource.
d. Director of Accounting.
e. Dirrector of Culture.
Jawaban: c

The following text is for number 36 to 40

36. When will the event be held?
a. August 14th.
b. August 15th.
c. August 16th.
d. August 17th.
e. August 18th.
Jawaban: d

37. Where is the location of the party?
a. Florida.
b. Alaska.
c. Chicago.
d. Aberdeen.
e. Washington.
Jawaban: d

38. When must we respond to the letter?
a. June 21st.
b. June 22nd.
c. June 23rd.
d. June 24th.
e. June 25th.
Jawaban: a

39. What kind of the text is it?
a. Invitation.
b. Suggestion.
c. Ofter.
d. Surprise.
e. Announcement.
Jawaban: a

40. “You are invited to celebrate.”
The Indonesian translation of the underlined word above is….
a. merayakan
b. menyampaikan
c. mengundang
d. membuka
e. menutupi
Jawaban: a

No.4 1 to 50 refer to the text below

An old lion realized one day that due to old age he was too weary and weak to hunt for his food. Sadly, he approached his den knowing that soon he would perish. He stopped at the entrance, and breathed difficulty, spoke in a low, soft voice to a pack of wolves which was passing by his den at the moment. He told them of his sad condition.
Soon, the news of the lion’s illness spread throughout the forest and caused much concern among the other beasts. Out of pity, the animals came one by one to pay their last respects.
The old lion was very happy. As each animal entered has den and came within reach, the lion pounced on it and made it his meal. Very soon, the lion became fat
Early in the morning, the fox came. He had come to pay his respects too. The fox, well-known for his wits and intelligence, approached the lion’s den with extreme caution. Standing some distance away, he politely enquired about the lion’s health and asked him if he was feeling any better.
“My dear friend,” said he lion, “is it you? I can hardly see you. You are so far away. Please come closer and whisper some words into my ears to console me for i have not long to live.
The fox, meanwhile, had been observing closely the ground in front of the lion’s den. At las, he looked up, and truning to go away, he remarked, “Please excuse me if i do not stay, for i feel quite uneasy at seeing the many footprints leading into your den, but none leaving it.”

41. Why were the lion’s hunting days over?
a. The animals found out about the lion’s illness
b. There were no more animals to hunt
c. The wolves always beat the lion
d. The lion is getting older and weaker
e. The lion was too strong
Jawaban: d
Pembahasan : sekarang Sang Singa semakiin tua dan semakin lemah

42. These words support the view of the lion’s sad codndition, except….
a. old age
b. too weary and weak
c. approached his den
d. breathing difficulty
e. has an ilness
Jawaban: c

43. The old lion was very happy. This means that….
a. many animals visited the lon out of pity
b. the lion didn’t had to hunt for his food
c. each animal that entered the den showed their respect
d. the lion became fat
e. the lion was desperate
Jawaban: b

Pembahasan: Sang Singa merasa senang dengan kunjungan hewan-hewan penghuni hutan karena dengan demikian ia tidak perlu lagi berburu mangsa

44. The footprints tell us that….
a. the pack of wolves passed the lion’s den
b. so many animals pay their respects to the old lion
c. the animals which entred the cave did not leave the cave alive
d. the lion is getting better and healthier
e. the animlas want the lion passed away soon
Jawaban: c
Pembahasan: jejak-jejak kaki yang ada menunjukkan kepada kita bahwa hewan-hewan yang memasuki sarang singa tersebut tidak pernah keluar hidup-hidup

45. In what ways are the lion and the fox the same?
a. The lion and the fox are both respectable
b. The lion and the fox are both strong
c. The lion and the fox are botch clever
d. The lion and the fox are both honest
e. The lion and the for are patient
Jawaban: c
Pembahasan: Singa dan rubah tersebut sama-sama cerdik

46. What kind of quality is the writer trying to say through the fox’s character?
a. You may save you life by using your wits and intelligence
b. show respect by visiting a sick friend
c. wehn entering a lions den. Be extremely caution
d. stand some distance away if you are facing a lion
e. Earlyin the morning, the fox came
Jawaban: a
Pembahasan: dengan kecerdasan dan akal kita bisa menyelamatkan hidup kita

47. What is the best title fo the story above?
a. A lying Lion
b. A Big Lion
c. A Lying Fox
d. A Lying Fox and Lion
e. A Lion King
Jawaban: a

48. An old lion realize one day that due to old age he was too weary and weak to hunt for his food. The italicized word has the closet meaning with….
a. heavy
b. small
c. tired
d. old
e. bold
Jawaban: c

49. “Please excuse me if I do not stay, for I feel quite uneasy at seeing the many footprints leading into your den….
The italicized word has the closet meaning with….
a. close
b. relax
c. comfortable
d. uncomfortable
e. enjoy
Jawaban: d

50. From the story above we can assume that fox represents a characteristic of a … person
a. stupid
b. clever
c. lazy
d. kind
e. stubborn
Jawaban: b/d

51. Which of the expressions below to ask for an opinion?
a. I think we have to study harder from now
b. Sally, what do you say about math test today?
c. Handi, do you want to join me in the concert?
d. I hope I have the right time to see her
e. I ask for the apologize
Jawaban: b
Pembahasan: kalimat b merupakan kalimat untuk menanyakan pendapat

52. Which of the following is not the elemnt of a narrative text?
a. plot
b. settings
c. the character’s fame
d. characterization
e. time
Jawaban: c

53. “I warn you not to step on the grass”. The statement above is used for….
a. giving a warning
b. giving suggestion
c. asking permission
d. giving opinion
e. giving order
Jawaban: a

54. The computer program helps students to complete their task
The italicized words is considered as a….
a. noun
b. verb
c. adjective
d. noun phrase
e. adverb
Jawaban: d
Pembahasan: computer program adalah sebuah noun phrase

55. Narrative text can be found in the following, except….
a. report
b. stories
c. fables
e. folktales
e. legend
Jawaban: a

Itulah 55+ Contoh Soal PG Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 SMA/MA dan Kunci Jawaban yang dapat kamu jadikan sebagai latihan soal dan memperdalam mata pelajaran bahasa inggris. Dengan kamu banyak melakukan latihan-latihan soal maka kamu akan terbiasa dengan soal-soal bahasa inggris dan menjadikan kamu akan mudah mengerjakan soal bahasa inggris.
Pastikan kamu sudah memiliki banyak kosa kata bahasa inggris yang kamu ketahui, sehingga kamu akan mudah belajar bahasa inggris, dan nilai ujian kamu tidak akan mengecewakan. Sekian, semoga informasi diatas bermanfaat. Terimakasih 🙂

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